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Make Balinese Chocolate

How to make chocolate from cacao bean step by step ?
1. Growing the cacao 
2. harvesting of the cacao 
3. Fermentation of the cacao
4. Drying the cacao 
5. Roasting the beans
6. Winnowing the beans
7. Grinding  ( making the chocolate 
    Liquor )
8. Tempering the chocolate 
First comes FERMENTATION & DRYING the beans are harvested from the pods and allowed to naturally ferment over a period of 2 days to 2 weeks,heat kills the delicate germinating seed, and natural yeasts over to develop complex flavours the Beans are then sun dried to preserve them for shipping 
Next , the beans are ROASTED.
Cacao beans are roasted for the same reason that coffee beans are  to develop complex flavours via the mail lard reaction and to drive off unpleasant acidic compounds developed in the fermentation process 
CRACKING &  WINNOWING follow roasting.
This step is purely mechanical to separate the valuable nibs from the worthless shells
After this the nibs must be REFINED the tongue can perceive particles large than 30 micrometer in size so extensive grinding is needed for a good mouthfeel 
The raw cacao liquor is then CONCHED a lengthy process which drivers off the rest of the acidic flavouring compounds
Finally the finished product is tempered to give the chocolate good gloss and snap


The chocolate production process consist of  fermentation, drying,roasting , grinding of cacao beans , mixing of all ingredients ( cacao mass , cacao butter ,sugar,emulsifiers ,aroma and milk components of needed ) conching and  tempering


Chocolate is the name for processed food & drinks from cacao beans and everyone loves it 
Chocolate is believed to contains high level anti  oxidants and contains large number of calories people who are seeking to lose or maintain weight lower cholesterol levels and prevent memory decline should eat  chocolate only in moderation 
I invite you to join a local people to make a Balinese chocolate 
You will be amazed how much better chocolate tastes if you were  preparing the chocolate yourself